CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

CR7 Net Worth

CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (born February 5, 1985) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr and captains the Portugal national team. Widely seen as one of the best footballers of all time, Ronaldo has received five Ballon d’Or awards, the most for any male player, and a record four European Golden Shoes. He has also won 34 trophies in total, including seven league titles, five Champions League titles, and one European Championship title.

CR7 Net Worth

Ronaldo Net Worth


  • Income: Signed for Manchester United in 2003 for £12.24 million, but details of any initial signing bonus or early salary aren’t publicly known.
  •  Endorsements: I started gaining endorsements like Nike, but major deals likely still needed to materialize.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Likely in the low range of millions, primarily driven by his initial transfer fee.


  • Income: Salary likely increased at Manchester United, but exact figures are unavailable.
  •  Endorsements: Endorsement deals gained momentum, including those with Coca-Cola and Armani.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Potentially reaching the mid-range of millions, driven by rising salary and endorsements.


  • Income: Became a prominent player, likely commanding a higher salary at Manchester United.
  •  Endorsements: Major endorsement deals solidified, significantly boosting his income.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Possibly entering the low tens of millions, propelled by significant endorsement deals.


  • Transfer: Transferred to Real Madrid for a then-record €94 million, receiving a substantial signing bonus.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Significant jump, potentially reaching the mid-tenths of millions due to the transfer fee and bonus.


  • Income: Real Madrid salary: Estimated at €13 million annually (~$17 million).
  •  Significant signing bonus from Real Madrid transfer.
  •  Endorsements: Existing deals with Nike, Coca-Cola, and Armani continue.
  •  Potential additions of new endorsements.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Likely jumped significantly due to the transfer fee and bonus.
  •  She is projected to be in the mid-to-high tens of millions.


  • Income: Salary at Real Madrid increased, potentially reaching €18-20 million annually (~$23-26 million).
  •  Performance bonuses for individual and team achievements.
  •  Endorsements: Major deals like Nike expanded, attracting higher fees.
  •  New endorsements will likely be added to his portfolio.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Continued steady growth due to rising salary and lucrative endorsements.
  •  It is possibly reaching the low hundreds of millions by 2013.


  • Income: Became the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2014, with an estimated salary reaching €22 million annually (~$29 million).
  •  Endorsements: Existing deals solidified with potentially higher fees due to his status.
  •  More endorsement deals are likely signed, further boosting income.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Significant growth due to record-breaking salary and endorsement portfolio.
  •  It could be approaching the quarter-billion-dollar mark by 2015.


  • Income: Salary at Real Madrid likely remained high, potentially increasing with contract renewals.
  •  Continued performance bonuses and additional income streams.
  •  Endorsements:  The CR7 brand was launched in 2015 and generates income from various products.
  •  Existing endorsement deals remained strong, contributing significantly.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Steady growth fueled by consistent income and successful ventures.
  •  It is projected to reach hundreds of millions by 2018.


  • Income:  I joined Juventus for a €100 million transfer and will likely receive a hefty signing bonus.
  •  Juventus’s salary was €30 million annually (~$34 million).
  •  Endorsements: CR7 brand expands, generating additional income streams.
  •  Existing endorsement deals continue to thrive.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Significant jump due to transfer fee and potential bonus.
  •  She was projected to be comfortably in the high hundreds of millions.


  • Income: Became the first active team-sport athlete to surpass $1 billion in career earnings.
  •  Continued high salary at Juventus and endorsement income.
  •  Investments: Launched venture capital firm, potentially multiplying wealth further.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Crossed the billion-dollar mark, solidifying his position as one of the wealthiest athletes.


  • Income: Salary likely increased at Juventus with contract renewals.
  •  Diversified income through CR7 brand and potential other ventures.
  •  Endorsements: Existing deals remain strong, potentially attracting higher fees.
  •  New endorsements could be added to his portfolio.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Steady growth likely continued, fueled by diverse income sources.
  •  They are predicted to be high hundreds of millions to low billions.


  • Income: Joined Al-Nassr for a reported €200 million per year contract, making him the highest-paid athlete.
  •  CR7 brand continues to expand, creating additional income.
  •  Estimated Net Worth: Significant jump due to the staggering Al-Nassr contract.
  •  She is projected to be in the hundreds of millions to low billions, potentially breaching the two billion mark.

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